Italian Handicraft Company of Fine Woman Nightwear, Man and Child Nightwear, Quilts and Duvets

Night set of 2 pieces (available as a set or individually): Handcrafted and sartorial manufacturing nightdress, in pure white-colored georgette silk, with carving of fine French Chantilly lace in emerald... more info

Price: 850.00 €

Bridal Nightwear Set two-pieces  (sold together or separately):   Long nightgown made of pure silk with fine Chantilly lace bodice Robe in lightweight silk georgette and Chantilly lace Wrap yourself in... more info

Price: 118.30 €

Bridal Nightwear Set two-pieces  (sold together or separately):   Nightgown made of pure silk with bodice in fine Chantilly lace, and made unique by plunging neckline at the back with a romantic bow. Robe... more info

Price: 118.30 €

Baby-doll entirely realized in embroidered lace. Finished with tulle ruffles on the shoulder strap and hem. Application of organza bow. This garment from our collection recalls the charm of the corset,... more info

Price: 90.00 €

Bridal Nightwear Set of two-pieces: Long nightgown made of light voile and bodice in rebrodé lace. Strap tight. Bodice lined with a refined V-neckline. Jacket made of lightweight voile with insert of rebrodé... more info

Price: 169.30 €

Bridal Nightwear Set three-pieces:   Top in embroidered tulle completely lined with soft polyester satin Pants with a classic line made in satin polyester Jacket made of lightweight polyester voile and... more info

Price: 95.30 €

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